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Scott Disick Posts Photos Of His Money And Uses It As Toilet Paper

scott disick swimming trunks miami

WHERE DO I BEGIN? Scott Disick took to Instagram to post photos of his money. Pure cash.

scott disick hundred dollar bills photo

Captioned “Just came out! 50cm hermes birkin covered in hundos”

Stacks of hundred dollar bills and a Birkin bag

scott disick talking into stacks of money

Captioned “Hello, peasant’s is that u? #fucku”

…and designer watches.

scott disick watches photo

Captioned with “Fuck! Can’t decide what watch to take”

Then, in the tackiest tacky that ever tackied, he took a wad of those, and presented them as toilet paper.

scott disick toilet paper money

Captioned “I know yall didn’t think I would actually use toilet paper!”

His fans reactions include, “HAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU”, “Lol!”, and “I hope you get an infection for rubbing that on your crack”.

There’s comments from fans that he’s doing this as satire and making fun of the account @itslavishbitch. Come on, now. Yes, I’m sure he’s not actually using that roll of money to wipe his ass (although I bet he did it with one $100 bill just to see what it felt like) but it is still a 100% douchey thing to do. Also he’s posted photos before flaunting his wealth so I don’t buy (no pun intended) this excuse.

Even if he was doing this as satire, it doesn’t work. It would be totally different if an actual comedian was doing this to poke fun at the ridiculous instagram account but even then it would have to be well done. All of these photos are incredibly douchey solely because they are coming from Scott Disick. If you’re incredibly rich and you’re making fun of the incredibly rich, you’d better be incredibly clever and incredibly well-liked.

But I’m sure some of y’all are gonna disagree with me. I’d love to hear your reasoning on this one.


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  • i can see why it’s a douche move ’cause of the cockiness, but if i had millions like that, i’d probably flaunt the fuck out of it, too. not mad at him. his money is partially generated because of us commenting on it (and the rest of the kardashian chain…still no fkn idea what any of them “do”, but whatever). so to him, do you.

  • He’s a total douche. And while I still find him to be far and away the most likeable Kardashian, I’m plan to mug the shit out of him the next time he travels. It’s just so dumb & gaudy.

  • he’s the only one who doesn’t take himself seriously. he’s tacky and he knows it, like, whatever. at least he doesn’t pretend he is anything else. oh, and as a small note, I would never let any bank note come within 10 cm of my arse. You never know where that shit has been, money is one of the GRIMMEST things out there.

  • Body of a 12 year old and brain of a 9 year old — well, this is heavy lifting for the slow one’s poodle. Here, Scottie, poop over here…