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Paula Deen Is Mayor Of Denial City

paula deen crying tears of joy

Paula Deen isn’t just taking up residence in Denial City — she’s the mayor. Lamar Odom is definitely hanging out there, but he’s not on Deen’s level.

Here’s what happened. TMZ asked Paula Deen, “is this your comeback?” To which Paula Deen said,

I never went anywhere!

Um, really, Paula? Really?

TMZ caught up with Deen on her way to Houston where she was going to appear on Metro Cooking and Entertainment Show, her first appearance since the scandal. She referred to Texas as, “a state of lovely and happy people.” LOL, okay. She also shared some trivia about Texas — that Dallas was voted “the #1 happiest city in America.” And actually, she’s right. Sort of. tied Dallas with Fort Worth as the #1 happiest city.

The show went really well for Deen. The audience gave her a standing ovation and Deen and cried, saying, “These are tears of joy, y’all. This is my first time out in three months.” (Houston Chronicle.)

Looks like she’s back, y’all. You ready to welcome her? These fans certainly are:

paula deen fans in houston


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  • I’m very surprised this woman still has fans considering how she treated her Black workers for decades. I guess some people don’t have any morals at all.

  • What am I missing here she called the guy who put a gun to her head in a bank robbery a N…….r. I think that’s fair he certainly didn’t deserve to be called a African American gentleman and if you don’t think the N word was appropriate your delusional. After she admitted to doing this ?? yrs ago everyone with an axe to grind and looking to make a buck accused her of being a racist. Why is that loser Dog the Bounty Hunter back on TV after he was dropping N bombs “today”.