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Is Gaga’s Prosthetic Arm Insensitive Or Just Gimmicky?

lady gaga artpop prosthetic arm

Lady Gaga‘s single hasn’t even officially come out yet, but the chick is everywhere, and naked half the time. She’s serious about promoting ARTPOP, and this means a whole new change of image. She released a few official promo pics for her upcoming album (including this naked one, of course) and she’s stripped away the crazy makeup and hair, but this being Gaga, she’s got to have some kind of gimmick, right?

I guess her new thing is to carry a prosthetic arm. Not a mannequin arm, but an actual prosthetic (above). Here’s another one from that shoot.

So is this just an artistic expression thing or is it actually insensitive? Some have pointed out that those with prosthetic arms aren’t psyched that Gaga’s posing with it like she’s Michelle Williams in a Louis Vuitton ad.

gaga artpop applause prosthetic arm artpop

What do you think? Is it artsy, insensitive, or not even worth being offended by because it’s just a gimmick and she’ll find a new prop next week?

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  • What I think is interesting is the fact that as soon as she disappeared from the public eye for her “hip surgery,” her spell over the masses seems to have vanish.

    To me now, she appears obnoxiously pretentious.

    What does this say about taking time off? Well, if you take time off to really work on your soul and come back as a more enlightened person, fucking A!!!

    But if you return just acting like the pretentious sophomore you originally struck your pose with…. well, your ass is going to bit hard by the karmic media pit bull.

  • What I want to know is, why is she cradling the thing with a dumb ass dense look on her face? She thinks she looks fcking cool, too. That’s what’s funny about it. She isn’t edgy, she isn’t interesting and she isn’t even entertaining.. so she should drop the dumb ass act already bc she looks like a fool. The way she’s just staring at it in the first pic is funny as hell, hhahaha. That look on her face like she’s trying to model and convey some kind of story or reason as to why she’s doing that makes her look like such a try-hard hahaha

    I hate when “artists” try to do weird and eclectic shit just to make themselves look cool and edgy when most of the time it just makes them look like complete try-hards bc the shit doesn’t even make sense, and that shit is embarrassing. I’m like, embarrassed for her in these photos!

    • i couldn’t agree more. i’m totally down for people getting into art and promoting it, but she seems to be trying to pull some stunts so she can claim it’s her being an “artist”…she’s not original and good for her becoming interested in the art world but people already don’t take art seriously and she’s really not helping that change by being a try-hard so she can sell another crap album
      you may sit down now.

  • She’s just trying to revive her dying career and make a grab for media attention via scandal and controversy. Using the church doesn’t work for stars anymore. Sinead O’Connor and Madonna wore that out. What’s left? Wearing meat, prosthetic limbs, pouring blood on yourself onstage?

  • I love how no one likes her anymore. I was never a fan, but man, it’s funny how easily public opinion can sway.

    Everyone loved her because she was weird and ugly, and now everyone hates her because she’s attractive and pretentious.

    You guys are just as lame as she is, lol.

  • The problem is, she already shes herself as a legendary icon and its just too soon. Youre supposed to have a long career before you start acting like a pretentious cunt.

  • why wasn’t stupid an option. I gotta say it seems like almost everything she does is idiotic.