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Gaga Looking Pretty And Understated In New Promo For Artpop

lady gaga art pop promo video

Though Lady Gaga appears to be licking an old mannequin hand in her new promo  (or “leaked footage” as they’re calling it) for her upcoming album, “ARTPOP”, she still looks very pretty and understated. “ARTPOP” seems to be a new era for the singer, at least in terms of aesthetics, as we haven’t heard any (official) songs from the album yet. Foregoing her signature crazy hair and outfits, most of what we’ve seen of her is a more natural, subdued look. I think she looks fantastic.

Could this change be the result of a much suspected nose job? She’s been looking a little…different. I wasn’t the only one who noticed her new look at the Pride Rally. A few sites are commenting that her nose looks a lot slimmer with a more defined tip. Could it be all the weight she’s lost that makes it appear that way, or her new more natural looking makeup?

What do you think: did Gaga get her nose done?

lady gaga art pop video

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