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Oh Look, Lady GaGa Is Naked Again

lady gaga

Lady GaGa is back on the ho stroll with a new album (and an app!) to promote, and what better way to do that than getting naked? Seriously, she just can’t seem to keep her clothes on these days and it’s kinda making me want to vomit. Clearly she hasn’t got the memo that you can be sensual and sexy without, you know, sitting around in the nude.

I feel like I’d be a bad feminist if I didn’t embrace a woman’s right to strip down to her birthday suit if she so chooses. I’m totally into that! But I feel like GaGa’s not doing it for empowerment or expression, but instead to try and provoke a reaction or come off as sultry or edgy. It’s sort of the lowest form of art – even pornography is better because at least it doesn’t purport to be anything but what it is.

I’m probably thinking about this way too hard. I just really wish Stefani would keep her clothes on. Anyway, this is a promo image for Artpop‘s first single, which is due out on August 19 (as per GaGa’s Twitter post).

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