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Paul Schrader Makes Excuses For Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan blowing a kiss

Paul Schrader, director of the current lolzfest The Canyons, not only took a huge chance on casting Lindsay Lohan but is now actually defending her for not bothering to show up to the film’s premiere. Dude, no. She’s clearly just not that into you. And by “you” I mean the film you made, and also, she’s completely ungrateful and probably thinks she doesn’t owe you anything. But here’s his defense, via People:

She’s decided not to be here because she’s worried coming out of rehab [and] hanging out in L.A. for the weekend. She has been on this Adderall for about five years. It makes her speedy so she has to cut that with vodka. Now you’re dealing with a speedball.

Sir, you are under NO OBLIGATION TO PUT UP WITH HER BULLSHIT ANYMORE. People make excuses for her every day of her life. Even Tara f-cking Reid isn’t buying it anymore. Why are you? Let’s hope Oprah keeps coming down with the hard questions, because that promo of their upcoming interview…ouch. Gotta hand it to Ops for “going there.”

Lohan lives in NYC now, so I guess she’s super serious about not being in LA. Which is a great step I guess, but then again, it’s not like NYC is a wholesome little town in the middle of nowhere.

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  • You sir are a brain-dead moron who clearly wants Lindsay to fail, you’re no better then assholes like Perez Hilton.