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Well, Lady GaGa Is Naked Again

Lady GaGa

I’m not sure if the above photo – shot for V Magazine – is meant to be sexy or what, but it’s most definitely not. It’s more “Hey, uh… can you hand me my towel?” than “Yeah baby, come and get it”, and I’m also not sure what that face is trying to say. Or that hair. Basically, I don’t know what any of this means or why it’s happening and why it won’t stop right now!

Props to GaGa on going with some long beach waves, but I can almost see the track marks in that weave. Also, why is she making a chipmunk face? Why is she sitting her naked ass on that stool where other people will probably sit after, not realising that GaGa’s asscheeks have been spread on it? There are so many things wrong here. If this is the new phase of Artpop, it’s incredibly unsanitary.

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