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Don’t Ask Selena Gomez About Justin Bieber…

selena gomez justin bieber

Or she might just cut your interview off then and there. That’s exactly what happened during her chat with Dean Richards on Chicago’s WGN Entertainment network on Monday. Dean asked Selena Gomez, being a “close friend” of Justin Bieber‘s and all, if there was anything about him that the public might be misunderstanding since, you know, he’s turned into a complete and utter twat.

Selena looked all uncomfortable and kept glancing off camera, and when Richards continued with his questioning, she sat there and didn’t answer and then the satellite link she was on abruptly disconnected. LOL, damn – that’s cold. And also pretty immature. I’m not sure why Selena didn’t just turn around and say to the dude, “Uh, isn’t this interview about MY new album? Can we not talk about Justin Bieber? Maybe interview him instead!” but, you know, in a nicer way. It looks far worse to just hang up instead of sticking up for yourself and saying “I don’t want to talk about this”, I think.

Here’s an unfortunate video clip of the incident:

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  • Man, her face turned so red. Maybe try not to date someone who embarrasses you by their douche baggery?