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Kate Middleton’s First Photo After Giving Birth; Looks Flawless

kate middleton prince william with baby

Kate Middleton gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday and the first photo of her is out! Of COURSE she looks flawless. Would you even doubt it? Her hair, as usual, is perfect. People are flipping out that Kate Middleton is wearing polka dots because Princess Diana ALSO wore polka dots when she left the hospital, after giving birth to Prince William in 1982, so obviously this means something and cannot be ignored.

After posing for photos, Prince William actually secured their new baby in his car seat himself and they drove home, like any other normal couple. That’s pretty cute. Here’s another photo of the happy couple with their priceless kid:

kate middleton prince william with baby

And here’s Diana in her polka dot dress with Prince Charles and baby William in 1982.

princess diana prince charles baby prince william

Guys be honest, do you care about The Royals? There are no wrong answers.

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  • I didn’t get the memo. Why are these monarch figureheads important again? Why are people obsessed with them? When can we go back to NOT hearing about them?

  • I don’t see why people get pissed off about posts about the royal family. They’re famous, and, more importantly, they’re not stupid about it. This is a gossip site… you can’t bitch about Lindsay Lohan on one end of the spectrum and shit like Prince William on the other, that’s just… if neither of these things entertain you, why the fuck are you here?

    • Personally, I get pissed off because with my taxes I support two royal families. Knowing people in Britain and Spain, where I pay taxes, are starving while these fuckwits get to live in a palace grinds my gears. At least Lindsay Lohan worked to become a famous trainwreck, you feel me?

      • Every country pays for its head of state. Nobody in Britain or Spain is starving.

        And yes, most countries pay as much for their elected head of state and all the things that come with it. But few earn so much in tourism dollars as a result, or have our history, identity, tradition.

        The British monarchy currently has an approval rating of +90%. If you hate it so much why don’t you just **** off to a republic?

  • I, personally, am on the conspiracy train that Kate actually had the baby a few (maybe 2) days prior to the roll-out. She practically hopped around and that baby was bigger than 24 hours old. I’m not the biggest Kate fan, but good for them if they took some time for themselves. Now they can get back to vacations and whatever else they do.

  • I suspect I am not the only person in the USA who does not give a hoot about the royal family at all. I think the time for Kings-Queens-Princesses and Princes were once necessary but are no longer needed.