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Little Suri’s First Paparazzi Fight

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Kids grow up so fast these days — little Suri Cruise is already having her first paparazzi fight. I remember when she was but a baby on the cover of Vanity Fair. And look at her now! I think this reminds us all of our first scuffle with a paparazzo, doesn’t it? I guess no matter who our parents are, we all go though the same things growing up.

Suri and mother Katie Holmes and some random kid were leaving a hotel, and were immediately surrounded by the talented and beautiful paparazzi. Suri, understandably agitated, shouted, “We’re TRYING to GET in the CAR!” No wire hangers for this chick, am I right? This one grown man will just not let up, walking in step with the trio, shoving a pen in her face, begging for Suri Cruise’s autograph. Guy, what the f-ck are you going to do with an 7 year-old’s autograph? She wasn’t even in Home Alone.

Suri shouts, “STOP IT.” Then, and we can’t tell if it’s the same grown-ass man because it’s off camera, an adult male shouts, “Bye Suri, you little brat!” And then a second grown man says, “Whoa whoa whoa whoa” and it’s a walk-off. It’s a walk-off. This second man then tries to defend Suri’s honor saying, “When you’re a father, bro, when you’re a father, it’s a different thing.” The first guy then calls 7 year-old Suri Cruise, “a bitch.”

I wrote out the video for you because watching it made me cringe very, very hard. So fair warning if you want to see it for yourself.

I kind of wish that guy was around to sass Will Smith’s children. No cursing at them though. Because come on, dude.

P.S. Welcome to your nightmarish future, North West!

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  • I’m kinda on the fence with this one! I feel bad that this kid lives her life this way, constant harassment by photographers. on the other hand, i don’t think it’s good to allow her to behave that way towards them. i have a feeling she has a horrendous case of “special snowflake syndrome” and it’s going to get way worse before it gets better.

    • i am no special snowflake and even i will be agitated if some stranger harassed me. she’s 7 for God’s sake!! she have no obligation to be nice to those papparazo, she doesn’t owe them anything.
      you are especially ignorant with your comment. i think anyone who is harassed and bullied like that entitled to be agitated.

    • There is really nothing to be on the fence about. An male adult has called a child a bitch and yelled at her. End of story.

    • There is really nothing to be on the fence about. A male adult has called a child a bitch and yelled at her. End of story.

    • So you’re saying she should be nice to the grown men who are harassing her? In what other circumstance is it acceptable to have grown fucking men harassing a young girl down the street?? She is right to be distressed and upset.

  • Stupid IPhone makes it hard to comment on here. What I meant to say is she’s only seven years old, and she probably gets tired of being harassed. It’s not like she asked to be famous. I’ve seen plenty of kids be cranky and whiny for less. Children tend to get grumpy when tired, hungry etc.
    Not entirely sure it’s because she thinks she deserves special treatment or anything. And a grown man calling a child a bitch is just pathetic and shameful.

  • How grown ass men can harass and bully a child is beyond me. Calling her a brat and a bitch? come on shes a child. And the people getting angry that Katie is taking pictures and stuff, she is smiling and waves that should be enough. You are in her space while shes trying to get in the car with her child who is obviously agitated. I don’t get people in general. you can be a fan and polite and give people their space.

    Sidenote: if we could have videos that don’t automatically start playing when I load the site in the future I’d appreciate it.

  • If it’s possible, could you perhaps link to auto-playing videos rather than putting them in the post? They can get quite maddening when I’ve got an inordinate number of tabs open!

    In other news: Suri is a child with grown men harassing her and calling her a bitch. Isn’t there a crime there somewhere?

  • These people are so scummy and gross. Calling a kid a bitch and a brat? These people must think about killing themselves at least once a week.

  • When you call seven year olds names in the street, you’ve crossed a line. If I were Katie, I would have put the kids in the car and we’d have a whole new video on Evil Beet. One angry mama claws out pissed!

    P.S. Yeah…the videos/commercials/whatever that turn out automatically. Two came on at once and I had to turn my speakers off to enjoy reading here in peace.

  • Wasn’t that comment/name calling/derogatory remarks some sort of verbal abuse against a minor?