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What Is Lady Gaga Hiding And So Afraid Of Us Finding?

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Lady Gaga is seeking to block court documents in a case between her former boyfriend/producer Rob Fusari, and former collaborator/BFF, Wendy Starland. Starland sued Fusari on the grounds of, “I should have gotten more money for discovering Gaga, dickface” (not an actual quote).

Guess there’s info in those papers Gaga thinks is personal, but apparently it’s also potentially career damaging. Yeah. She filed papers to keep the documents from coming out. Here’s some of what she said, from TMZ:

Gaga says the info is “sensitive, private, and personal.” Gaga claims that if the info went public, it would “inflict significant personal and professional harm upon” her.

Wow. What could she be hiding? What doesn’t she want us to find out? Given how open, tolerant, and loving Gaga is of all sexual orientations and genders, my guess is that perhaps there’s something about her using gay slurs? Maybe she went a little Deen-y?

What could be in there?

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  • GaGa is always promoted as being “real” and “genuine” in the media on her. She is laughably fake to those of us with eyes to see – and whom aren’t drawn in with her emotional hooks and over the top dramas.

    I bet whatever comes out will discredit her “genuineness” or “realness” and break the hearts of all of her fans – who are under 30.

    • Not maybe, but sure. This practice is as old as humanity. Lets guess:

      1. She is a tranny/hermaphrodite?
      2. She’s older than 27? (even a blind can see that anyway)
      3. Among others she slept with some top politician, why not Obama after all?
      4. She’s into BDSM?