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Lindsay Lohan Made It To 27!!

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan turns 27 today! She did it! She made it! And she’s celebrating her birthday in rehab. And weirdly, she’s tweeting happy birthday to herself.

lindsay lohan birthday tweet

She also tweeted a thank you to her fans for the birthday wishes, and added a “#teamlohan”. No. Team Tara.

Eonline posted an article titled “Find Out How Lindsay Lohan Is Spending Her 27th Birthday!” that was then weirdly taken down. Hmmm. Curious!

What are your favorite Lindsay Lohan memories? Let’s share. Gosh, there’s so many.

happy birthday lindsay lohan

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  • Is it just me or is her mother Dina beginning to resemble that tanning mom Patricia Krentcil? It could be my intense dislike distorting my view.
    Anyhow, good for her. I hope she makes it to 30, but unless she ditches her family, I’m not pulling my bet.