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ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING: Courtney Stodden Got Breast Implants!!

courtney stodden DD implants

My monocole just fell into the china teacup I was holding and I let out a gasp that was heard all the way from Los Feliz to West Hollywood when I heard the shocking news that Courtney Stodden got breast implants over the weekend. I don’t think any of us saw this coming. How could we? Why would we think that a 29 18-year living Barbie would shy away from cosmetic producers? Actually on a less sarcastic note, she did just say in an interview with E Online,

I absolutely love my body and everything about it.

You lied to us, Courtney.

david tenant cry gif

Ms. Stodden is at least very open about her surgery. Way, way too open. She shared photos of her before, after, and during the surgery. My favorite photos are the ones of her leaving the hospital, Some Dude From Lost at her side, she in a breathtaking Victoria’s Secret Pink tracksuit, hoodie unzipped, so we can see her new breasts gently cradled in a godawful beige strapless lace boob shelf. Why am I even describing this when you can see all this raw human emotion for yourself?

courtney stodden after breast implant surgery

The Daily Mail provided us with these timeless photos and also let us know that, “Courtney opted for a DD-cup size saline implant, boosting her already large breasts.” I’m including all the photos, but not the video, because even I have my limits. There’s one photo in there where she actually looks like a teenager. See if you can spot it.


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  • Wait! Does that mean….. gasp! Her boobs weren’t that big before??? What does this mean? She padded her bra in every other picture!?!?!? So may lies! So many….

  • I think she got her older implants replaced with the bigger ones…kind of like rotating your tires and then getting rims put on.

  • Her breasts were the same size before the “surgery” as after the “surgery”. You’re not falling for this, are you? LOL

    • Another give away is that Courtney is carrying a very large and most likely heavy purse out of the hospital after the “surgery”. If you actually have a boob job, they tell you not to lift anything heavier than a glass of water for a few weeks because it can affect the healing process and create issues like capsular contraction. LOL. They didn’t tell Courtney and Doug – or she just insisted on carrying the purse cuz it looks good. Puleeeaaaze.

      • Actually, the photos of her in her pink sweats, with jacket unzipped and exposing her ridiculous lace bra.. that was BEFORE the surgery..She hired photogs to follow her every step of the way. After, she had the decency to wear her jacket. Of course she had to go out in public with her jacket hanging off and down. This girl does nothing but put on disgusting displays and lie. C cup my arse.. Can’t even admit she stuffed the VS bras, too. Like we had to hear any of it.. or see any of it..

  • This girl is a joke, shes my age and I would never think of trying to look like that. Her appearance is between a tranny and a 40 year old stripper.