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Christina Aguilera Lost All That Weight Because You Guys Are Haters

christing aguilera

Christina Aguilera debuted a pretty slimmed down bod at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this month, which got everyone talking, of course. After all, a lady’s body is only good insofar as being good to look at, and we all know it’s more desirable to look at a skinny body than a “fat” (normal sized) one. Blah blah blah.

Anyway, some “insiders” have now claimed that Christina – who has famously been outspoken about how much she loves her curves – decided to drop the weight after pretty much being harassed by the general public about her weight.

From US Weekly (via DS):

“A lot of people were on her about her weight and it depressed her,” a friend said. “She went through a bad time because of the criticism.”

Aguilera is said to have signed up for the 1,600-calorie-a-day Fresh Diet program, which offers users different nutritious food options.

“She did it all on her own,” said the source. “She goes online and picks out her food.”

Here’s one thing I will never, ever understand: why the fuck you would pay someone to bring you fresh food instead of… going shopping for fresh food. I guarantee you that “fresh diet” costs about $300 per week – which she could easily get a month’s worth of healthy food for one on. As someone who’s working on shedding some pounds myself (and more than Xtina’s 20), I still relish my laziness but I can at least bring myself to pick out some healthy food options. Lord.

Anyway, it’s a shame that people still bully women about their bodies (no one harasses James Gandolfini about his massive gut) and that it got to her enough to change. Losing weight and being healthy as great, but it should be for the right reasons – health, YOURSELF – rather than anyone else or it’ll just come right back when the outside world inevitably doesn’t like something else about you. Bullshit.

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  • Even as we get bigger and bigger in this country, there will always be haters who come up to a complete stranger and tell them they are too fat, like it’s their God given right to tell you what your mirror already tells you every morning. Whether it’s to feel better about themselves or just to hurt you, it unfortunately happens all the time. They don’t know the whys of anyone’s weight problem so I say mind your own business and take care of your own inner ugliness.

  • Hello? Do you seriously think only women get “bullied” because of their weight? Girl, please! >_< Don't even go there.

    • WHAT. $1400 a month for FRESH FOOD THAT YOU COULD BUY YOURSELF FOR 1/5 THE PRICE? Actually, probably less than that, even. I can’t with people.

  • I don’t think she would have been ‘bullied’ as much if she wore clothes that complimented her figure. Instead she chose to wear the most unflattering, uncomfortable, tacky clothes. Dress for the body you have, not the body you want. She looked like 10lbs of sugar in a 5lb sack and it was gross.

    • This is so true. I had trouble watching the Voice with my teenaged son because her boobs were all over the place. I kept saying how beautiful she would be if she would wash her face and put on a proper bra!

  • I agree with all points above, however must add that if I had her bank account I’d not think twice about spending ridiculous amounts of money to get the body I want. It’s sad, but it’s true.