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Oh, Dear: Even John Legend Thinks Amanda Bynes Is Nuts

amanda bynes chrissy teigen

I know – where the fuck did John Legend come from, right? (Full disclosure: I was kind of obsessed with his second album for a long time. I have no shame!) Well, if it seems random that Mr. ‘Let’s Get Lifted’ has opinions on Amanda Bynes, it’s only because – lest we forget – Amanda attacked his fiancée Chrissy Teigen on Twitter (where else?) last week, calling her an “ugly model”, blah blah. You know the story:

amanda bynes

Anyway, DigitalSpy caught up with John at the Chime For Change concert in London and asked him about all the fuss, to which he replied:

Legend said: “It wasn’t that upsetting. It was funny, really. When someone calls Rihanna and Chrissy ugly, clearly they’re not operating with a full deck, so you just laugh it off and let it go. You can’t take it seriously, really. There’s really no credibility in the comment.”

LOL, true that. Chrissy also spoke up on why she even bothered engaging with Amanda on Twitter to begin with, telling E! Online:

“I feel like, I’m always very outspoken, but it goes without saying, I think there’s a problem here,” Chrissy said. “Something’s wrong and I just loved her. I loved her so much and I was rooting for her for so long, and what’s happening now is wrong. And I think social media is really a bad point for her right now, so I felt the need to say it.”

People just need to stop engaging with Amanda on Twitter. Just stop. If you ignore her, perhaps she’ll get some help or something? Because trying to interfere certainly isn’t doing anything.