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Kim Kardashian’s Dress Was So Bad Vogue Deleted Her

kim kardashian ugly met ball dress

Kim Kardashian wore a horrendous dress to the Met Gala earlier this week. It was so bad that Robin Williams tweeted her a photo of him in a scene from Mrs. Doubtfire wearing a similar dress, with “I think I wore it better.” (Kardashian did not respond. She made sure, however, to tweet a link to a Celebuzz post celebrating her “gorgeous” dress. Guess which company manages her website?) And rumor has it that her scowling beau Kanye “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake” West didn’t approve the dress, or rather, Kim’s take on it.

Which makes it utterly hilarious that on Vogue’s website, in their slideshow of best dressed guests, Kanye West is included but Kim Kardashian is not. And not only that, but she’s actually cropped out of the photo.

kanye west met gala kim dress

So what you have is Kanye holding a disembodied hand, and Kardashian MIA in the photo and in the entire gallery. Other couples photographed together remain intact. Kardashian was the only one cropped out.



Thanks to Fashionista for pointing this out.

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  • Why in the name of all that is holy (or unholy considering this couple) anybody who has been specifically blacklisted from some place only to be reluctantly allowed to go because her boyfriend is performing even consider attending? You know you are NOT wanted, NOT liked, NOT respected. There is a pathology going on there that alludes me. And Kim has been totally disrespected publicly. But she asked for it by going to a party given by a world renowned bitch who hates her with a passion. What did Kim THINK would happen? Idiot.

    • Because people like her believe their money can buy anything, even respect. I agree she’s an idiot in so many ways.

  • I hope this stupid cow isn’t so stupid that she can’t take the hugest hint I ever saw. I’ve wondered for years why she hasn’t hired a personal stylist.

  • SHe also has to understand, that Vogue is a FASHION magazine. She showed up looking like a sofa. Fashion not Furniture

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