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Lindsay Lohan May Try To Switch Rehab Centers AGAIN

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Lindsay Lohan stressed everyone out by bouncing around rehab facilities hours before getting slapped with an arrest warrant before landing in the Betty Ford Center. She’s been there since Thursday and she’d like to go now. This is how I picture her:

Radar has an exclusive.

This is Lohan’s second stay [at Betty Ford] — her sixth in rehab overall — but apparently she isn’t very happy with her situation.

“Lindsay is already begging to switch out of Betty Ford,” a source close to the troubled actress tells

“She has been complaining to everyone that will listen that she doesn’t want to be there and that it isn’t the best place for her.”

LiLo was originally slated to attend Seafield in New York, and then pulled a switcheroo and spent only two minutes in the Morningside Recovery center in Newport Beach before firing her lawyer Mark Heller and re-hiring Shawn Holley, who brokered the deal for her to go the Betty Ford.

“Lindsay says she wants to go to either a treatment center in Hawaii, Crossroad Centre in Antigua, or even Lukens Institute in Florida.”

It’s not supposed to be a goddamn vacation, Lohan. You need to get help for the 5 times” you’ve done cocaine in your life. Perhaps she wants to leave because the Betty Ford Center may take away her Adderall? TMZ has ~~the scoop~~.

Sources connected with the rehab queen tell TMZ … Betty Ford is allowing her to take the powerful drug, Adderall. The reason — she has an Rx and says she’s been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Lindsay has made it clear over the last month — she would only go to rehab if she’s allowed to take the med.  BUT … sources tell us doctors at Betty Ford are currently evaluating Lindsay’s diagnosis and the efficacy of the drug.  If doctors disbelieve her diagnosis or the usefulness of Adderall, they will cut her off.

If they think it’s necessary to cut her off, it’s for a good reason. And she’ll whine and stomp her feet and try to get transferred to a center that will cave give in to her. Like how she couldn’t smoke cigarettes at the first rehab place, so she demanded a transfer, using the bullshit excuse that she didn’t feel safe because of paparazzi. Am I too harsh? I don’t care. I don’t think there is anyone left who feels sorry for her. If you do, please tell me why.