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One Direction Is Getting Obama’s Security Team For Their US Tour

one direction

One Direction are about to embark on a tour of terror across the US and since teen girls are batshit insane, they’ll need some good security to protect them from flying training bras and notebooks with “I <3 Liam” written 500 times across the cover. Not just any security team will do, either – instead, they’re hiring some of Barack Obama’s former security personnel to accompany them across the country. Oh, f-ck off.

From The Sun:

Beefed-up security to combat crazed fans also includes crack troops who served in Iraq.

Tour chiefs fear Liam Payne’s split from dancer Danielle Peazer will make the heart-throb, 19, top target for besotted teens.

The tour kicks off in Florida on June 13 — and fan websites have already posted details of the boyband’s hotels.

Last night an insider said: “Liam becoming single has made things even more fraught. Some of the security staff have worked with Obama and in war zones.”

Uh, okay. So basically, 12-year-olds are as dangerous as men with weapons of mass destruction in a war zone. Nice one.
Also, I thought 1D fans would be happy that Liam broke up with Danielle, considering they were threatening to kill the couple’s puppy just because he dared to date someone. Another reason not to have children, people.