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Helen Mirren Gets Cranky With Drummers, Wants Them To Get Off Her Lawn

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Helen Mirren is one of Britain’s national treasures. She’s classy, sassy and is even down with the latest fashion trends. Still, she’s no spring chicken and we’ve all seen Grumpy Old Men. What I’m trying to say is, once you start receiving your pension, you’re free to tell people exactly what you think of them with impunity, because who – besides a total asshole – is going to yell at a senior citizen? No one! That’s why this story is nothing other than great.

Let me set the scene: a drum troupe interrupted a performance of The Audience last Saturday at London’s Gielgud Theatre and Dame Helen was none too pleased about it. So she did what any sassy nan would do: she launched into a profane rant and then marched off the stage in full Queen regalia.

From The Mirror:

A group of noisy drummers were told to “shut the f-ck up” during a foul-mouthed rant – by the Queen.

For one terrible moment, the gobsmacked street musicians must have thought it really was Her Maj letting rip at them.

In fact it was Dame Helen Mirren dressed as the Queen for her role in West End play The Audience.

Dame Helen – who won an Oscar for her stunning portrayal in the 2006 film The Queen – was wearing her trademark royal outfit, complete with tiara and pearls.

She stormed out of the Gielgud Theatre, in London, in the middle of Saturday night’s show to give the band a right royal rollicking.

Band organiser Joe O’Leary, said: “This little old lady came running out in a green dress, pearls and a tiara and headed for the conductor.

“She was saying, ‘shut the f-ck up, people have paid f-cking a hundred pounds for their theatre tickets’. She said the F-word about 20 times. I kept saying, ‘we didn’t realise’ and she was like, ‘just shut the f*** up’. You couldn’t get a word in edgeways, she was proper on a rant.”

Uh, first of all, this is amazing. Get ’em, Memaw! No one else was going to speak up, so Dame Helen had to show ’em how it’s done.

Want to know something more amazing? There’s video of the incident. HELL YES!

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  • I agree with EVERYTHING you said about Dame Helen and this incident except for one single word. NEVER refer to this hot bitch as “Memaw”.

  • “For one terrible moment, the gobsmacked street musicians must have thought it really was Her Maj letting rip at them.”

    Um, yeah. Okay. The Mirror is so full of crap.