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One Direction Fans Want to Kill Liam Payne’s Puppy

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In the latest episode of “Teenage Girls Are Batshit Crazy“, some One Direction fans aren’t too keen on the fact that Liam Payne has a new girlfriend in Danielle Peazer, is happy with her and that the pair have got a new puppy together. They’re so pissed off about it, in fact, that they’re threatening to kill the dog as a form of… revenge? Idiocy? Insanity? All three?

Liam announced the dog’s arrival on his Twitter page on Sunday, which immediately set off an angry slew of messages from One Direction fans that are nearly too nuts to share (via DigitalSpy):

“The dog is not going to see tomorrow if i can help it,” one wrote. “U were supposed to come back for me liam.”

A small number attempted to get the hashtag #dieloki trending, while two more openly debated killing the dog with either a gun or a knife.

The revelation of the fans’ behavior has prompted outrage online, with a Twitter user asking: “Where are their parents and do they know they’ve raised little psychopaths?”

Wow, that’s… special.

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  • do we know for certain this is his fans? i know there is some troll on internet and twitter maybe. maybe it is a troll who act stupid. no one will ever want hurt dog of jealousy it is silly. one direction with kid fans girls especially would not think it. i suspect it is some other trolls trying for attention with no care for liam anyway. girls have jealousy of girls not puppy.

  • That’s really disturbing that someone is wanting to kill a living animal just for jealousy. That’s pathetic, sure I don’t appreciate 1D as many of the hormonal-Teens out there, but even I know that threatening to kill someone isn’t cool. Especially a living creature that has the honor to be living under two caring people. Like seriously, the hating so called “Directioners” don’t even deserve to like 1D, the real people that like 1D should be just proud for not putting a hate on any living soul that had ever had the pleasure of meeting 1D. Every fake-psychopathic Directionator should go to a therapist.

  • Wow. I am guessing they want to kill the dog to break up Danielle and Liam??? I am not a fan of 1D, but I love animals.