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One Direction Fans Are Batshit Crazy and Sending Death Threats to Other Fans

Justin Bieber‘s fans are nuts, Lady GaGa‘s are slightly worse and One Direction‘s are taking the cake this week for sending death threats to another fan who was lucky enough to be chosen by Harry Styles to come on stage during one of their recent concerts in Belfast and is now apparently his girlfriend.

From The Sun:

Jealous girls vowed to kill Shaniece Nesbitt, 18, after she spent the night with Harry at his hotel after a gig.

The Sun told yesterday how the singer, 19, singled her out in Belfast because she looked like actress Megan Fox.

Terrified Shaniece deleted her Facebook account yesterday.

A pal told The Sun: “Shaniece has been getting messages saying she deserves to die.”

Meanwhile the band deleted a Twitter call for fans to post snaps of tattoos after fears their under-age followers would get inked.

Once again, can kids under the age of 18 not be allowed online? That’ll be the day some 12-year-old whose mother still pays for her Teen Beat subscription is going to tell some grown ass adult (because at 18 you are, technically, an adult) that they’re going to kill her because she got to f-ck her favourite star. Like, just no. Plus, throwing a shoe at him, I can see, but how is Harry Styles even worth tweeting about, let alone going to jail over? I swear, I hate teenagers.

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