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Harry Styles Gets Hit In the Crotch With a Shoe

One Direction was performing in Glasgow on Tuesday when they decided to take part in a Q&A session with the audience. It was during this time that some weisenheimer – one of the band’s endless lady fans – decided it’d be a good idea to chuck a shoe on stage. That was all right and all, but when Harry Styles picked the shoe up and asked for the other one, he got it – right in the gonads. Ouch.

The guilty party was 14-year-old Jade Anderson, who took to her Twitter page (of course) to apologise to Harry herself with the following message:

She also claimed that she’d been told she committed “criminal assault” by police and that she could have killed Harry. Uh, okay.

The next morning:

Jade is obviously loving her newfound fame and I’m sure Harry’s nuts have recovered just fine, so looks like all’s well that ends well.

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