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Update: Lindsay Lohan Is “Safely Ensconced” At The Betty Ford Center

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Someone crank up the goddamn Benny Hill theme, because Lohan is on the run. After being f-cking annoying as hell and delaying rehab to go to a music festival and then taking off for a different unapproved rehab center, and then making a stop at Fry’s Electronic’s (da f-ck did she need there, new Beats By Dre headphones to DJ with for the sharing circle??) she finally arrived at said rehab center only to stay there for less than 5 minutes. Everything she has done so far can lead to her arrest. Bitch doesn’t care. Radar Online has an exclusive:

The troubled starlet left rehab barely two minutes after walking through the doors, has learned exclusively.

Lindsay first shopped at an electronics store and then fled rehab after she was “spooked by the paparazzi,” when she went into the facility, according to the New York Daily News which first reported that Lindsay took off.

A source told Radar that Lindsay walked into Morningside Recovery in Orange County, California on Thursday and walked right out!

“She told people there that she didn’t need rehab,” a source familiar with the situation told Radar.

“And then she left. Everyone was stunned.”

That isn’t how the law works, Lohan. You don’t get to decide what you think you need and don’t need. Although, I can’t blame her, it’s worked for her thus far. And you also don’t get to blame the paparazzi for everything. It’s like she’s sticking her tongue out and begging for arrest, figuring it will never happen. Then we have Michael Lohan swooping in, thinking he’s Mighty Mouse coming to save the day:

I have no other choice than to get this out there to help Lindsay.

Note: not to get “MYSELF” out there, but “this” out there, meaning confirming to Radar that she fled rehab. So instead of actually going to see his daughter, he just wants the Internet to know that she effed up. Kind of like how Jenny McCarthy wanted to help Amanda Bynes by tweeting that she needed help. Here are the possible consequences:

Now Lindsay’s disappearing act may be a violation of her recent plea deal. The New York Daily News reported that she was headed to the airport for a flight to New York.

Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White was not happy with the new Lohan drama. “If there’s credible confirmation she’s heading back to New York, then I’m going to have to go in and ask the court to issue a warrant,” he said, according to the New York Daily News.

And Michael Lohantold Radar that if Lindsay is indeed headed to New York she’s in big trouble. “If that’s the case I have been told that she will be arrested in New York and her bail will be set at $100,000.”

Lohan probably figures that Charlie Sheen will again help her out if this happens. Why would she go back to NYC? She just got on a private jet last night to go to California, because the NYC rehab center doesn’t allow cigarette smoking. What is she doing?

Here are pix TMZ posted of Lohan wandering around Fry’s. Honestly, this looks like it could be anyone, but I’ll trust TMZ.

lindsay lohan rehab


Lindsay Lohan is safely ensconced at the Betty Ford Center rehab facility in Rancho Mirage, CA … TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Lindsay checked in late Thursday night … barely dodging a looming arrest warrant.

We broke the story … Lindsay has re-hired Shawn Holley, who then negotiated with Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White to make the deal that Betty Ford was an acceptable rehab joint.

It’s ironic Lindsay is at Betty Ford — you’ll recall back in 2010 Lindsay got into an epic fight during her rehab stay with a staffer.  The police were called and civil lawsuits were filed.  It’s amazing Betty Ford took her back.

We’re told prosecutors will back off their promise to seek an arrest warrant today … although they still have to get the judge to sign off on Betty Ford, but it looks like that will just be a formality.

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  • It’s wearing her 3 buckle grey ankle boots. I’ve seen other pics of her wearing those. She looks awful!