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John Mayer Still, Like, Totally Loves Katy Perry

katy perry john mayer douche

John Mayer is the worst ever of anything. Katy Perry deserves better. ANYONE deserves better. They broke up but apparently Mr. Mayer still loves her, or whatever.

According to E Online,

“John still very much loves her and has feelings for her,” a well-placed source exclusively tells E! News. “It was just going to be too much with what was on his plate.”

Yeah, okay, sure.

Rumor also has it that Ms. Perry would consider getting back together with him if he got his shit back together with himself.


If we all ignore John Mayer, maybe he’ll go away. I don’t even care about his music; I’m coming at this from a human standpoint. We don’t need John Mayer fucking with anyone anymore.

Am I totally off on this?

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  • LOLz @ E! Holy shit, like I’d believe a thing they put out… And yes, THIS: “If we all ignore John Mayer, maybe he’ll go away.”
    It’s like the press thinks we actually care about this couple happening or not….*yawn*….

  • John is notorious for playing this break up and make up game. I think he is somewhere high up on the autism spectrum and just can’t handle human relationships long term.

    Just play your guitar and leave women alone John.

    • Yes, if you look at my ceiling, you’ll see it’s plastered with photos of John Mayer, so that when I’m feeling those certain stirrings, I can just look up and pretend that he’s there with me, telling me that my body is a wonderland. Chills just thinking about this.

      • I had to watch that music video after reading your comment (don’t ask why; don’t know), and DAMN my eyes!!!! That was the gayest thing I’ve ever seen/hearrrrrd! And there is a *good* gay….but oh lawd, that was *bad* gay…like embarrassing hetero gay…..

  • for whatever string of douchebags she always ends up with,Katy really ought to seriously look long and hard at her own decision making!