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Katy Perry’s Still Done With Men… Unless John Mayer Wants to Get Back Together, Or Whatever

john mayer katy perry

Katy Perry and John Mayer were never going to last very long, and that’s just fine – he was a nice rebound for her after splitting from Russell Brand and that dude from Florence + The Machine‘s band and she was… I’m not sure what for him. In any case, they both cut their losses earlier this month and split and Katy decided to leave relationships alone for a while, and she still will… so long as Johnny Boy doesn’t want to get back together for some raunchy make up sex or whatever the hell these two did together.

From Heat (via DigitalSpy):

“There’s no question that Katy wants to settle down, but right now, she’s not ready to fling herself into another relationship.

“If anything, she’d be open to reconciling with John if he can get his act together.”

Perry’s friends reportedly feel that Mayer “emotionally bailed” on her and that they got together too soon after she broke up with ex-husband Russell Brand.

The insider added: “Katy’s friends feel her expectations may have been too high, and are now wondering if it was all a rebound after Russell.”

No shit, Sherlocks. Is there any other reason to go out with John Mayer? She probably knew he was easy to get really wanted the D that night (and ended up getting stuck with him) or something, I don’t know. The human brain is capable of wondrous, magnificent things, but figuring out what would make any woman want to touch Mayer with a ten foot pole is beyond its capabilities.