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Jennifer Lopez Priced Herself Out of the Indian Super Bowl

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Jennifer Lopez doesn’t seem to be doing much in recent months, musically speaking, but was all set to perform at the opening ceremony of the Indian Premiere League’s upcoming cricket tournament. That is, until she made insane in the membrane demands including a private jet and loads of hotel rooms for her entourage and the IPL said thanks, but no thanks, after all.

From The New York Post:

Sources tell us the pampered pop princess’ manager, Benny Medina, had asked that a private plane be made available for her, along with numerous hotel rooms to house her huge entourage, which included an army of stylists, assistants and a personal chef.

Officials at the Pepsi IPL balked at their demands and instead booked rapper Pitbull for the opening ceremony, next Tuesday, which will also feature some of Bollywood’s biggest stars.

A source told us, “The demands made on behalf of Jennifer were outrageous. She effectively priced herself out of the event. It was an idiotic move because the audience for this event is huge. It’s like the Super Bowl halftime show. Last year it drew 56 million viewers.”

A rep for Lopez last night said the reason she didn’t perform in India was because she is busy. The rep said, “An offer was made to perform; the date conflicted with Jennifer’s current music-recording schedule for an album due this summer.”

Or, as Sweet Brown would say:

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I guess JLo’s too busy changing Casper Smart‘s diapers and shopping for white dresses to, you know, actually perform. And listen, I’d be chillin’ like a villain if I was a rich superstar and could give people a roster of shit I wanted. I’d want to fly business class, but other than that, just put a folding table in my dressing room full of junk food (gotta have Nacho Cheese Doritos, some bomb jelly donuts and loads of chocolate) and we’re all good. Methinks Jenny may have come a bit too far from the block. Plus, you know it’s getting serious when Pitbull’s replacing you.

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  • No, I don’t think so. She knows precisely what she wanted and screw ’em if they didn’t want to pay the man.. or the WO-man.

    Pitbull is a distant booby-prize