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Oh, Jennifer Lopez Is Just Wearing Wedding Dresses Now

A photo of Jennifer Lopez

Ha ha, but really. This is a wedding dress. It’s not a white dress that could, in theory, be a wedding dress. No, this is from the Lanvin Blanche Bridal collection. It’s a wedding dress. Girl is wearing a wedding dress to a movie premiere.

It’s happening soon, guys. I’m just going to go ahead and lay it out there. First there was the story about how Casper wanted to be a dad, then Jennifer herself said that she would love to have more kids. They just got a dog, even. If she’s not pregnant or engaged by Valentine’s Day, then I give up.

Let me just say this one more time: Jennifer Lopez is wearing actual wedding dresses to movie premieres now. That’s just got to mean something.

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  • A WHITE dress with a BIG PEPLUM worn by a woman with a HUMONGOUS ASS…Jennifer Lopez never lets me down, she always wears the most tasteless and unflattering thing that she can find.

  • All it means is that she smacks of desperation. Why aren’t any other outlets calling her out on the bridal collection part, instead just opting for Lanvin?

  • Maybe it means that Lanvin needs to do better at bridal dresses because unless this is a second marriage type of wedding dress, it looks like something you could buy at Zara and wear anywhere. Also, I’ll never get tired of saying it: peplums on curvy women look GOOD. Stop the hate. They look definitely better than on someone very thin.

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