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5Jennifer Lopez Adopted A Dog with Her Little Baby Boyfriend!

A photo of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

We already knew that this relationship was serious. I mean, I’m pretty positive that Jennifer Lopez is going to make Casper propose to her relatively soon – at the very least, before the year is through. But I think we can all agree that dog adoption is an especially serious step in any relationship, right?

But guys, look at the dog:

Oh my god. You probably can’t even comprehend right off how cute this little puppy is, so probably come back and look at this picture a few times throughout the evening, let it sink in gradually. This puppy is SO CUTE.

Casper tweeted the photo, and he also let us in on the dog’s name: Bear. Of course.

But hey, did you see how adorable that puppy is?

January 20, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Emily

5 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez Adopted A Dog with Her Little Baby Boyfriend!”

  1. puddin says:

    Baby Bear!

  2. Junebug says:

    Poor little dog, whats he ever done to anybody ?

  3. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    FUCK he’s ugly. Imagine if he procreated with LeAnn Rimes… ::shudder::

  4. J-Kitt says:

    Isn’t one of Kristen and Rob’s dogs named Bear as well?

  5. Lola says:

    She looks like shit in that picture.

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