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Has-Been Pop Singer Got A Tattoo Of Ryan Gosling On His Damn Leg

ryan gosling tattoo

Ryan Cabrera, a once almost relevant musician, got an actual, real, no seriously, real tattoo of Ryan Gosling right on his damn stupid leg. When we last heard anything about Mr. Cabrera it was way back in 2007. So well played, Cabrera. Well played.

Why did he do it? It’s actually a funny story.

From TooFab:

“We play a little game called Tattoo Roulette,” he recently told SiriusXM radio. “He chooses one thing off the wall for me and I choose one thing off the wall for him and you can’t see it till after it’s done … then you unveil them at the same time…it’s a great game.”

And the Gosling piece isn’t the only one he got playing the game — Ryan says he also has a unicorn and a Care Bear.

Oh well. I prefer his Breaking Bad Jesse Ryan Gosling tattoo over Adam Lambert’s tattoo.

And of course nothing will ever be as bad as this.

No word yet if Mr. Gosling heard about this silliness.

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  • Thanks for this post. I had forgotten how much I used to hate this faux-punk disaster. Ryan, even if you’re never going to play punk music, you’re not supposed to spike your hair when it’s that long BECAUSE IT LOOKS STUPID.