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Who’s That on Your Neck, Chris Brown?

A photo of Chris Brown

As you can see, Chris Brown has a new tattoo. You see it, right? It’s that big ol’ face on the side of his neck. To me, it looks like a sleepy drag queen with shit smeared all over her face, but to other people, it looks like Rihanna. Huh.

According to sources “really close to Chris,” the lady depicted on Chris’ neck is just “a random woman,” but according to me, I don’t really care. I just wanted to show you guys this hilarious tattoo so we could all roll our eyes at Chris Brown this morning and feel thankful that we don’t have to look at that big neck-face in person. That’s all.

But what do you guys think? Does that tattoo resemble Rihanna at all, or are you on Team Sleepy Drag Queen?

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