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Kim Kardashian Amazes With Worst Outfit Yet — I’m Sorry I Couldn’t NOT Post This

kim kardashian black white

Kim Kardashian amazes us with her terrible pregnancy outfits. How can someone with so much money and so many mirrors do so poorly? Check out her pregnancy looks of  the week, in which she wore a completely see-through shirt. Then there was this outfit — gold, yes — but not as breathtaking as this one.

I was just wondering when Kim would cave for comfort. Apparently that time has come.

I never thought I would ever say this…But I’m wearing flats today

She so bravely tweeted yesterday morning.

I just don’t get it. Yes, our dear Ms. Paltrow spends close to $500k on a wardrobe but at least she knows what to do with it.

Pregnant women: don’t her outfits look terribly uncomfortable to you? I’ve never been pregnant so I have no idea, but my guess is no.

What IS this?? I feel like I’m taking CRAZY PILLS! I invented the piano key necktie! I INVENTED IT!


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    • Dead. But so true, I understand that she’s pregnant and has been used to dressing a certain way but comfort takes precedence. I’ve never been pregnant but even if I did attempt to wear some of her outfits, I wouldn’t make it out the door. It’s just too much.
      She needs to look at Duchess Kate and see how it’s done.

  • That is a terrible outfit by any standards. When I was pregnant, I wore cotton, cotton and more cotton. Loose. It’s spring goddamn it; get nice lose, Stevie Nicks circa 70’s floral prints, Kim. Or just a simple long black cotton frock. Can be fierce, Can be elegant…

    • I’m with you on this. And why all this black? Is she in mourning? Black doesn’t necessarily make you look slimmer if the cut of it is awful. She could be so much glowwier and less pinched if she lightened up a bit… both in fabric and color choice – and probably life in general.

  • Is it possible that designers are sending this crap to her and it would be a poor PR move to NOT wear them in public?

    I’m also due in July, live in Wisconsin where its still super cold, and still manage to dress my pregnant body better than she is – and I’m certainly not on a Kardashian budget. Why in earth isn’t Kourtney slapping some sense into her? She always looked pretty great while preggo…

  • Don’t be sorry Catherine sometimes we all need a good laugh ! She was on live with Kelly and Michael today said she only gained 20 pounds ! That was a nothing good laugh ! Don’t get me wrong I’m laughing about a pregnant woman gaining weight its that she is delusional !!!! Why lie ? She just doesn’t know what normal is and she is so vain it makes me sick !!!!

  • So I guess I’m the only one that really doesn’t think this is that awful?

    I don’t understand all the hate directed toward her pregnancy outfits. Most pregnant women wear mumus and sweatpants for the duration of their pregnancies–this is certainly a step above that. And really, just who gives a shit? She’s pregnant. She can do what she wants as long as she puts her baby’s health first.

    • It’s because we all despise her and will never treat her kindly because she’s just a waste of no-talent flesh.

  • What is wrong with this nut? !!!! Oh, I know she wants any kind of attention, well this is not the way to get it. You look as if an umbrella unfolded underneath you girrrrrl!!!

  • When I was pregnant, it was all about the leggings, tunics & maxi dresses. I feel like whoever is dressing Kim, if she’s not purposely doing this to herself, has to spend the rest of the day after she steps out just doubled-over with laughter. I mean, this HAS to be a joke to someone, right?!? She has consistently worn what I consider to be the least flattering, most uncomfortable looking maternity fashion in the history of maternity clothing. She has never really been able to flatter her figure, even before the baby, but maybe pregnancy is making her go blind because I can’t fathom not putting one of those outfits on and letting out a big, “HELL TO THE NO!” I read part of an interview yesterday in which she claims that she isn’t into junk food (even though we see her shoving waffle cone after waffle cone into her painfully swollen mouth on the DAILY) and claiming to only be 140lb! Bitch is delusional, and I think that delusion has crept into her closet. She needs to go see Rosie Pope STAT and get a makeover – and STOP kidding herself.

    • Also, I think this is the black & white version of Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka.

      And my boobs hurt for her boobs.

      That’s all! :)

      • Yes! My boobs hurt for her boobs too. She’s gained a ton of weight and that’s FINE. But she looks so much worse than she needs to with these ridiculous outfits.

  • She’s realized that she has turned the corner I to reviled. Therefore the most attention she is going to get is with all of these “ha ha! You SUCK!” stories which is why she has started to, in my opinion, purposely choose the worst possible outfits while still pretending to try to be chic. She can’t go full on Britney with them because so much of her brand (all of it) is about looks and she plays herself off like a stylist. These she can just call fashion-forward missteps and look, we’re still talking about her giant, bloated self.

  • The clothes, even before the pregnancy she’s been wearing since she’s been with DiddlelyBob what’s his name, have been very, well ugly.

    • This!! What is wrong with her face? It’s different, and not just puffy, but looks visibly different. Especially the nose area? Maybe? I can’t believe she’d be so stupid to be dorking around with her face while she’s pregnant, but she is a kardashian.

  • I think Kim might clinically have body dysmorphic disorder. I think she sees a different body shape when she looks in the mirror. There’s no other reason for her to keep making these awful choices aside from some crazy designer paying her to wear them.

  • Is there a doctor or any pre-med school student here at Beet who knows something about wearing extremely tight clothes while pregnant? I don’t really care that she looks like shit; I find it really amusing, I just care about an unborn and still innocent baby. Taking into consideration that it will already have inherited the combined IQ/EQ of those two fashion retards, how big is the chance of this kid ever having a fair shot at an education that is not for the mentally challenged? And absolutely no disrespect TO the mentally challenged; all my bitchiness and ‘insults’ are directly directed at K&K.

  • ANOTHER CLASSIC ZOOLANDER QUOTE! I have so much love for you!

    ps – seriously though, wtf is she wearing?!!?!? When I had a baby in me I was all about long sweaters and tights and flats. You don’t need to dress like you’re a 500lbs whiteface clown ( ) just because you gained a few.

  • What is up with her camel face and creepy body? How does her body look like this? Is the pregnancy pushing out all the plastic parts of her ? The metrics involved here are scary.

  • Seriously why doesn’t she just put on a pair of leggings and a swing tunic top!! I love that look!!