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Kim Kardashian Thought Pregnancy Was Going To Be A Lot Easier

Oh, Kim Kardashian – a true example of how little the amount of money you have has to do with how many brain cells are in operation in your cranium on any given day. Our Lady of the Crushed Toes – who is currently carrying Kanye West‘s progeny, in case you forgot – has been struggling with pregnancy for a number of reasons. First, she doesn’t want couch-ass. Second, it’s like, really hard and totally not easy like everything else in her life has been up to this point.

From E! News:

“Being pregnant is not as easy as my sister made it look or as my mom has made it look,” Kim said. “I like to be active…but I’ve been chilling out. I took a week off, just to rest and it was amazing.”

Yes, your hectic schedule of promoting yourself and your very real reality show, taking pictures of yourself, getting your hair cut and shopping for hideous maternity wear is something anyone would need a break from. God help this woman when she becomes a mother. Actually, God help the child, is more like it.

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  • I don’t see anything ridiculous about her statement. She’s just saying some people make it look easy; it’s true.

  • I was going to say that I liked her styling here – until I realized she’s wearing leather pants under that dress. Why can’t she just do a flowing empire-style something? Kanye puts her in too much leather…

  • I was reluctant to say anything since my last comment was deleted (?!) but I’m actually quite loving what she wears. Minus the leather leggings, that’s hideous. Also, she wears almost exclusively black. I wish she would go for a more relaxed, girly style… If I cared enough about her, that is :)

    • Howdy Bobby, I’m really hoping there was a glitch that fucked up and deleted your comment… Hope all is well

      • Hey, Chaz! I’m doing quite dandy, actually! I had a couple of rough months but things are now good again. Thanks for asking :)

        I have no idea what happened to my comment. It wasn’t anything profound, so either way, it’s fine…

        And yes, the hardest thing about pregnancy is getting adapted to living in a whole different body. You just can’t do the things you used to, not in the same way at least. Kim is coming to a most natural conclusion. And I’m sure the child will be just fine, actually.

      • Hey Bobbaaaay, I too am so happy to hear you’re dandy.

        Wuddup from Vegas, Chaz!

        As for Kim, meh. I’m with parischic. I believe nothing out of her botoxed piehole.

      • Have fun in Vegas, I’m jealous! Does anyone else think, that at some point in time, the spawn of Kim & Kanye is going to hang their head & secretly wish that they had stuck to hummers and butt sex?

      • I’m kind of jealous too – didn’t get to let the She-Beast out to play; all work! No doubt that offspring’s screwed. Ahh douchebags makin’ douchebags… Fly me to the moon, y’all, OR Mars, whatever, I’m done here.

  • OMG ya’ll don’t really believe this skank is preg’????
    high-larious ..
    that’s about as true as E’ reporting kanye showed up at the event ….

  • Her pregnancy is a publicity stunt!, one week she’s doesn’t have a belly.then BAM! She’s out and about w/a belly ? ..

  • Guys! Thanks so much, you made me smile! I read your comments all the time, it’s such a good fun :)

    I resent Kim for a lot of reasons, and her mouth really looks ridiculous, but she IS preggers. Any woman who’s been can tell that. Beyonce on the other hand…no. And this stupid bio pic she released recently totally adds to my conviction. The child is biologically hers, but she didn’t carry it. There was a vide footage of an ultrasound in this movie, and one showing her belly at what she described as 22 weeks. The ultrasound WAS of a real fetus in the womb. However, to anyone with functional knowledge of video montage or photography is plain that the footage was manipulated – the frame was added later, as they sometimes do in movies when they create a faux live tv news feed or computer screens. Admittedly, they tried to hide the info that usually appears on ultrasound monitors – like the name of the mother, weeks of gestation, size of fetus, name of medical facility, etc., but the image overal was totally retouched. I’ve seen a real one multiple times, so that’s that.

    Her belly at 22 weeks looked like a bloated stomach. Pregnancy doesn’t appear that way, even though all women are somewhat different. So, I don’t care about conspiracy theories, but I have very strong instincts and Beyonce is fuckin joking.

    But yeah, Kim. We can all go without her overexposed ass for a long while.

  • *videO

    Also, pregnant women usually show off their bare bumps when they are further down the line – who cares about a tiny 22 weeks belly?! The bigger the better. Beyonce didn’t show her bare bump at 35 weeks because she couldn’t fake that.

    I don’t even know why I’m talking about this. I just really dislike being lied to, especially by people who think oh so highly of themselves :)

  • Bobby — I am loving your rants (are you a writer in real life?) — I remain on the fence about Beyonce –having two children I absolutely know what a pregnant belly looks like and I can even lay claim to having gained 42 lbs but losing 52 lbs (take THAT Beyonce) – but I wonder if we’ll ever know. You seem quite convinced —

    I would add that Kim K is already showing the puffy face that comes along w/pregnancy – something else that we never saw w/Beyonce. And it’s true we never saw any photos of her post 22 wks –hmm…it just seems ridiculous either way – that we even have to have the conversation, ya know? If she used a surrogate (like Sarah Jessica) why not tell the world? oh right – because she’s Beyonce and she’s perfect -is that why?

    • True that. Of course we will know one day. People talk, and sooner than later someone will spill her “secret”. I am not convinced, but I have this very fishy feeling about it all. Also, Beyonce had a miscarriage prior to Baby Blue, so it makes sense she would consider using a surrogate. There are things after all we can’t know, some medical condition or another…

      Yes, I am a writer in real life. Though this here is pretty real too, isn’t it? :)

  • It’s not because it’s any less hard for any other woman to go through pregnancy and have a baby it most other woman aren’t a huge pain in the ass.