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Bachelor Biceps Isn’t Living With His Fiancée

sean bachelor dancing with the stars

Sean Lowe, AKA Bachelor Biceps, isn’t sleeping with his fiance Catherine Boringwhatever until their wedding night, but they’re apparently not going to live together until after they’re married either. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. You met on a dating show, got engaged after six weeks based on about four dates, some of which were spent with other women, had only one sleepover (sans sex), and now never get time to see each other because one of you is doing Dancing with the Stars.

Oh dudes, speaking of which, did you see how nervous Catherine Boringwhatever looked while watching Bachelor Biceps dance? I think she was most worried about him getting too close to his dance partner, bombshell Peta Murgatroyd. Catherine McBorseville mentioned a few times on The Bachelor that she thought Sean was out of her league and that she felt she wasn’t hot enough to wear a bikini. Girl.

InTouch has the exclusive on their hilariously misguided plan.

The plan is to live separately in LA until their wedding day. “We still see each other all the time,” says Sean, 29, who joins Catherine, 26, every morning for breakfast and Bible reading.

Da f-ck you talking about? If you’re not living together, and you’re filming a live television show that airs twice a week and also requires you to take hours out of every day to prepare for, then no, you do not get to see each other “all the time.” If you’re living together at least you get to see the other person’s stupid face before you fall asleep in bed.

InTouch also revealed that they live in separate apartment units in The Palazzo. God, I hate that place. Every person I’ve known who’s moved there moves out as soon as they can. Do not be fooled. It looks nice, but so did The Dakota in Rosemary’s Baby.

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