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Lindsay’s 6th Mugshot Is Out And It’s Her Fiercest One Yet!

lindsay lohan mugshot

Lindsay Lohan has a brand new mugshot to add to her collection. She had to submit to booking as part of her plea deal.

At one point, having so many mugshots was sad, but now it’s funny again, especially her expression in this one. She is WORKING IT. Her skin looks flawless, her lips don’t look as wacky botoxy as usual, and I love what she did with her eye makeup. IDK WTF she’s wearing, and the hair is messy, though the color is FAB, so overall I give this a 9/10. I’ve seen Facebook photos that weren’t as good.

This is her sixth mugshot, but fifth if you count the ones that were publicly released. Seven if you count the fake one from her film Just My Luck.

Thanks to EOnline for the photo.


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  • That’s one hot mugshot, she hasn’t looked that good in ages.
    She looks somewhat confused or scared (read intoxicated) in her earlier mugshots, but now she seems so much in her own skin. You can tell she embraces it and it works for her.
    I know she’s really experienced in booking now and worked really hard to perfect it, but you can’t get to this point of looking hot in mugshots without real talent.
    I’m glad she has found her own way now, and I look forward to seeing her in future mugshots.

  • Her expression says … I’m bullet proof. 6 mugs and 30? hrs in jail. Please why do you even bother pullin me into court.

  • I bet she uses these as head shots cos she can’t afford proper ones. That’s why she got all done up for it.