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Pink Stops Concert To Help Crying Girl

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Pink really cares about sad children. A video surfaced of a bizarre incident that occurred three days ago during a Pink performance. Ms. Alecia Moore was singing on a small stage surrounded by a massive crowd at a concert in Philadelphia when she stopped her song, asking, “Is everything okay right here?” gesturing to a little girl near the stage. “Is that girl alright?”

The audience cheered (their approval?) and Pink asked, “Why is she crying, why is she upset?” We couldn’t hear the response, but Pink did, and she replied, “Because there was a fight? Y’all are fighting around a little girl?” The audience booed (their disapproval?).

Pink invited the girl to come up, but she was too shy. I mean, duh, I wouldn’t come up to the stage either. This chick stops her entire concert to single me out and while I’d be touched I’d also be humiliated. So Pink passed some goodies (presumably goodies that her fans threw onto the stage for their singing idol) over to the girl to comfort her. Dude I’d be really annoyed if I was a big Pink fan and I gave her a stuffed animal and then this bitch gives it to some random-ass child. Oh well, everything worked out in the end. I guess.

Video of the incident:


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  • That’s nice but very weird, Florence and the Machine had that same EXACT incident happen not that long ago at her concert. I think that article is on EB too.

  • Dear little girls

    Don’t get a spot right in front of a stage at a show. You’ll get hurt and then you’ll cry and we’ll all be expected to feel bad for you.

  • Brilliant. Bring an obviously too young kid to a Pink concert, then act surprised that they can’t handle the music / crowd / whatever. These parents need to be smacked upside the head.