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Kelly Osbourne Seizure Update

kelly osbourne

Kelly Osbourne suffered a seizure last week on the set of taping the TV show Fashion Police. To bring you up to speed:

Kelly was sitting in a chair, shooting the show in front of a full studio audience. Melissa Rivers was sitting next to her, filling in for Giuliana Rancic. Kelly turned to Melissa and said, “I don’t feel good,” and then she fell out of the chair and started shaking.  Melissa then turned Kelly’s head to help her.  Someone from the audience — some kind of emergency responder — then ran up and helped.

Kelly came around a few moments later, but her handlers wanted to have her hospitalized anyway. We’re told it’s the first time Kelly has ever suffered a seizure.

According to TMZ, we’re now learning that the condition may be more serious than everyone thought. Doctors are looking into epilepsy as an explanation. Ms. Osbourne has been put on anti-seizure meds. She is still in the hospital and will be for a few more days. Reports from E Online though are more optimistic, saying she’s, “Doing fine.” Her rep released a statement:

There is absolutely no confirmed diagnosis regarding Kelly’s condition at this time. She is under a doctor’s care and they are continuing to run tests. Kelly is fine and thanks everyone for their continued support.

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  • Epilepsy can be triggered by head traumas like when the bricks fell on Kelly’s head at the hotel recently. She was such a charming dear about it and they gave her $1000/bottle champagnes to express their regrets.

  • I think the commenters (who wish ill will to ailing or dead celebs) are projecting their inner selves onto the celebs….because they’ve never met those they curse and only know them through the gossip mill.

  • I wondered if her extreme dieting may have also played a role. Her natural body set point may be a bit fatter than her DWTS body size.

  • kimchee, I think you’re right. lachica too, and perhaps Pique as well! Before she found her new & improved image, I found myself in her Hollywood hotel room once and witnessed her addictive personality first hand, so I’m totally thinking she’s fucked up her poor body with various drugs and dangerous dieting. Who knows – diet PILLS, lap band, plastic surgery, I wouldn’t rule any of it out knowing her mother…
    In other words…
    Eat some damn fruits & veggies, lazyass Hollywood.
    Short cuts can be dangerous, and I’ll never trust the Osbourne PR machine.