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4Kelly Osbourne Had A Seizure

kelly osbourne purple hair

Kelly Osbourne had a seizure while taping an episode of Fashion Police. As of now she appears to be okay. TMZ has the details:

Kelly was sitting in a chair, shooting the show in front of a full studio audience. Melissa Rivers was sitting next to her, filling in for Giuliana Rancic. Kelly turned to Melissa and said, “I don’t feel good,” and then she fell out of the chair and started shaking.  Melissa then turned Kelly’s head to help her.  Someone from the audience — some kind of emergency responder — then ran up and helped.

Kelly came around a few moments later, but her handlers wanted to have her hospitalized anyway. We’re told it’s the first time Kelly has ever suffered a seizure.

We do not know what triggered the episode. As for her condition, it’s unknown … but Joan Rivers — who was also present on set when Kelly suffered the seizure — tells TMZ, “She is fine. We just saw her.”

ABC News also reported that, “She was awake, alert and stable after the episode, and will spend the night in the hospital for observation as a precaution.”

Hope she’s okay! The whole ordeal sounds terrifying.

March 8, 2013 at 4:30 am by Catherine St. Ives
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4 Responses to “Kelly Osbourne Had A Seizure”

  1. Chaz says:

    I suppose that the phrase “what’s shakin Kelly” would be in poor taste?

  2. Junebug says:

    Too much purple hair dye… And bad outfits .

  3. meh says:


  4. Taeko says:

    Hopefully it’s not something serious – that family does not need anymore devastating illnesses to deal with.

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