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Is a Trainspotting Sequel In the Works?


Trainspotting, the 1996 Danny Boyle film about drugs and the hapless British druggies who love ’em, may get a sequel twenty years later. Filmoria reports,

“This has been a long time coming”. It sure has Mr. Boyle. In an interview with The Playlist at SXSW, Danny Boyle said the sequel to Trainspotting, the adaptation of author Irvine Welsh‘s own sequel, Porno, is back on. He hopes to deliver the film in 2016 and he believes in can get the entire cast back for the sequel including Ewan McGregor. Frequent collaborator, John Hodge, who has written the soon-to-be released Trance and the original Trainspotting is currently writing the screenplay.

We’ll see. Is anyone really clamoring for a Trainspotting sequel? Not judging, just curious. It’s fairly rare that a film gets a sequel so many years later (Star Wars aside). They made Wall Street 2 twenty-three years later after Wall Street. And I don’t think a lot of people cared, or even liked it. Same thing happened with the Indiana Jones franchise. But then again, Trainspotting has a smaller audience to disappoint, and a very specific cult-like fanbase. The rest of us just remember the baby on the ceiling and the dude diving into the toilet.

Which movie sequel would you most like to see?

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  • Oh yes, I am so into this! Got high hopes they won’t ruin it too… Ewan has gotten way hotter, yum yum yummy.

  • I remember reading Porno and then being completely dissapointed about half way through. I really don’t care about the movie.

    I did recently read the prequel to trainspotting, Skagboys and I absolutely loved it. The book would be incredibly hard to turn into a movie but I’d love to see someone give it a try.

  • Ick no. They’re going to get it all wrong. For today’s audience Boyle will be gently guided by producers to make it more “raw” and “shocking” and what we’ll end up with is something more gratuitous than thought provoking. Irvine Welsh is turning a typewriter into a bomb as we speak.