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Liam Hemsworth Cheating On Miley with January Jones?

january jones miley's fiance

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are engaged but rumors abound that he cheated on her with January Jones. This was said to have happened at a pre-Oscar party. I heard this rumor as a blind item, and everyone assumed the woman in question was Emma Watson. Which makes more sense. Ms. Jones is 35 and on a show on AMC, and Mr. Hemsworth is 23 and does whatever Miley tells him. My point is that they’re not exactly in the same circles. Then this photo came out:


january jones liam hemsworth party

It’s allegedly the two of them leaving the party together. If you compare it to the photo above, it’s definitely Jones in that car, but I’m not totally convinced it’s Liam. And let’s say it is Liam. This isn’t proof of cheating. At all. Yeah, it doesn’t really make sense that they would leave together, but who knows? We do know, however, that Miley attended Elton John’s Oscar party alone the following night.

And, okay, well, there is this other thing. Last year Hemsworth was reported to be flirting at a Hollywood party with an unknown blonde. So I guess that’s not really helping him in this situation here.

This is what The Daily Mail says via their sources (and yes, The Daily Mail has failed to be accurate in times past, so like any celeb gossip, a big grain of salt should be added),

Liam was pictured arriving to the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood without Miley.

January Jones was also at the event, and apparently the actors were seen getting cosy when they thought others weren’t looking.

‘It looked like they had some hot chemistry. They were all over each other – and they even kissed!’ a source said.

So I don’t know. The one thing I am confident I can take away from this is that January Jones is beautiful.

What do you think?

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  • Sure looks like him in that thar backseat! Bow chicka wow woooowwww. Bet that ‘gina was ice cold.

  • Cyrus seems nutsy and Jones reminds me of a manikin.

    I’m not a fan of Miley, but I’m less of a fan of January Jones.

    Her sisters are named Jacey and Jina. Yes, her parents are thoughtless as the karkrapians (just without money).

    Anyway, she’s 35 and Hemsworth’s 23.

    So, GO GO JJ!

    However, I feel it’d be a bad deal for Hemsworth. Cyrus has a better future and more money.

  • By the way how the hell does her body look so damn amazing after just having had a child? Any moms or trainers want to give insight on that?

  • I’m not sure if it is Liam ? It looks like his eyes but not like his hair . I hope he gets smart and gets rid of Miley . As far as Miley having a promising career future I think that’s a joke ! She’s a joke ! She can’t sing or act except for that stupid Hannah Montana show a million years ago ! And that suck ! Only kids liked it and they didn’t know better ! On the other hand he is a talented actor !

    • Miley belongs with Justin Bieber. They can act out and smoke pot together. Liam must be tired of babysitting. I bet his agent tells him 50 times a day to get rid of Hannah Montana.