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Brandi Glanville’s Shitty Memoir Might Become a Movie – Yay!

Brandi Glanville can’t seem to keep her trap shut about all things LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian, so much so that she actually pulled a Blu Cantrell and got her vagina re-done (WHY) on Eddie’s dime and then wrote a book about all the f-ckery surrounding that relationship to make more bank. Gotta give homegirl her Shrewd Businesswoman patch on that one.

In any case, Brandi’s book is a whole hot mess of unnecessary nonsense and never should have been released. It was released, though, and even better than that, it may now be made into a script and acted out by real, live actors. Brandi broke the news on Twitter on Monday:

Lifetime is probably the only network desperate enough to buy this crap, but also, you have to admit that Lifetime makes those amazing Made-For-TV movies that are so bad, they circle back ’round to being really good again. I mean, I grew up in the In The Best Interest of the Children days and it was my jam – it’s only got better since then. Come on – Sexting in Suburbia? Instant classic. Mom at 16 was a classic, as well.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get this movie made, stat.

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    • Hahaa I was thinking the same, think that’s why Brandi mentioned it :P
      Also, Eddie and Leann should play themselves. That would be hilarious!

    • Yes I think that was dig on the whole Lifetime comment! I’m reading her book now and I love it! I’m glad she wrote the book and if they make a movie out of it I will see that too! I hate those cheaters and homewreckers but they didn’t care who they hurt with their smug ass faces mugging it up for the papparazis who they called wherever they were! I’m waiting with bated breathe to see Leeann and Eddie’s relationship go down and for Leeann to lose it completely! I guess I’m a little bit vindictive! :)

  • Leann Rimes sets up staged photo-ops with Brandi’s kids, posts photos of those kids to her fan website, makes passive aggressive digs at Brandi on twitter, tells her fans personal things about Brandi, and sells negative stories about Brandi to Radaronline and US Weekly, so Brandi has earned the right to say whatever she wants about Leann and Eddie. Besides, isn’t Leann releasing an album about her affair with Eddie in April?

    Brandi is not the first nor the last woman in Hollywood to release a book about her husband;s affair, so why treat these women like they are the villians for daring to speak up about their experience which continues to get played out when their ex’s and the sidepieces give back to back interviews to E, ET, and Katie?

  • Enough of this ugly whore business; let’s talk Lifetime movies. Stalked at 17 – instant classic. In fact, according to Lifetime, many of common trials we suffer happen at 17 (murder, pregnant, kidnapped, buried alive, baked in a pie, and so on and so forth). My personal favorite, you ask? Invisible Child, starring Rita Wilson. This insta-classic is all about a woman who invents a child, gambols about her backyard with it, takes it to the fair and buys it hot dogs and funnel cakes, and yells at people in bathroom queues when they try to take her space in line. At least half of the movie is people looking at the mother character, one eyebrow quizzically raised, as if to say, “Are you the mother of an Invisible Child?” Also stars Victor Garber. Excellent film.