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LeAnn Rimes Is a Total Bitch, Was Never Remorseful For Affair, Says Brandi Glanville

It’s heeeere – your first LeAnn Rimes/Brandi Glanville/Eddie Cibrian post on my watch. Hopefully it’ll be your last, as well, but no promises. All I can do is try my best, people. Anyway, we all know the story: Eddie cheated on Brandi during their marriage with that anorexic harlot LeAnn (who was also cheating on her now ex-husband, as well) and it caused a whole hell of a lot of trouble and spawned far too many stories in the press that no one really cared about. But wait, there’s more! Apparently, LeAnn didn’t give a shit about tearing Brandi’s family apart (uh, duh?)!

From a new interview with Glamour:

“When I’m home alone on a holiday and LeAnn is tweeting pictures with my children, it breaks my heart,” she said. “One way I hear from LeAnn is she’ll text me – hurtful things like, ‘I can’t wait to make your kids lunches and go to soccer…’

“Marriages break up all the time. People have affairs. Happens every day. It matters how you handle yourself after and if you’re actually remorseful. I’ve never found LeAnn to be remorseful. I found her to be like, ‘Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, I got your family’.”

Sure, LeAnn sounds like a total bitch, but unfortunately Brandi is just coming off as desperate and pitiful, using this years-old affair to keep herself at all relevant and in the public eye. Of course LeAnn has no remorse! If she did, she wouldn’t have cheated on her own husband with another married man! I don’t know why Brandi is acting like she wants the D so bad anyway, since Eddie apparently couldn’t even get it up half the time.

“My heartache probably lasted a lot longer than it should have, because in the old days, you broke up with someone, you never saw them again,” she said. “You’re not seeing pictures of how in love they are. I started to drink too much. I would cry all day.”

Well, you’re not exactly helping yourself by talking about them to every magazine, paper and stray dog that will listen. The stuff this woman will share with the public in order to generate a story is a hot mess. Girl, you’re in the danger zone. I never thought I’d say this, but take a note from LeAnn. Go get yourself some bikinis to live in – even in the winter – and pretend you had no idea there were paparazzi around to snap your picture.

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  • I don’t know why Brandi or any of us would talk about this home wrecking whore !! She is the ugliest slut on the planet !!!! She needs to be put in a straight jacket and locked away for a long time !!! She is one crazy bitch and I wouldn’t let her any where near my children if that meant I had to go on the run with then just to keep them away from her because she is truly nuts !!! They could not be safe around Leann she can’t even take care of her self !!!! And we all know Eddie is cheating on her with numerous girls and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone but Leann because she deserves it !!!! If she thinks Eddie only cheated with her because she was that special someone she is even crazier than I thought !!! The only thing he saw was $$$$$$$ !!!!!! I can’t even talk about this piece of trash anymore !!!

      • Ok, lost $300.00 playing craps! Time for dinner then throw some crisp george washingtons at unclad ladies!

      • Partyyyyy! Hi you 2. Chaz, I was just at the Vegas airport on a layover; we’re so totes neighbors. Now on my way to NOLA Mardi Gras – LOOK OUT WORLD.
        20-something comments, wow, you guys, I am impressed…

      • It’s a balmy -14 today, after a week of -40 below plus wind chill. Even with a sweater, blanket and a couple of cats on my lap, I am freezing. Enough Vegas and New Orleans, I am starting to cry. (Meanies!)

      • Have fun in Nola! My liver hurts, kidneys are working overtime, and my brain seems to be launching a counter attack!

      • Oh shit, sorry sweet bonns. I send you cyber hugs. And an electric blanky…if I could…

      • It’s okay. Hearing about Chaz’s hangover warmed me all over. I admit it, I am a bad person. (Damn, I just knocked one of my cats off, brrr…)

      • Hahaha YES Chaz-o-rama. I’m even wearing a camouflage Girls Gone Wild baseball cap (for comedy’s sake – it was 99 cents…husband’s embarrassed yet stoked) and there’s a Flip cam in my purse. In other words, I’m strictly the camera operator this trip. Stranger bewbz, comin’ right up!

  • Ugh, I am so tired of hearing about these people. I don’t give two flying effs for Leann or Brandi, I would love them to be sucked into the abyss with Paris Hilton and Lohan.

  • Hasn’t it been YEARS since Brandi’s marriage ended? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…let it go Brandi…let it go!!!!!

  • Both of these women need to shut up and move on, I don’t understand why either one of them waste so much time and emotion on him.

  • Probably because Leann Rimes released a single talking about how she slept with Brandi’s husband, plans on releasing an album about her affair with Eddie in April around her sons birthday, did back to back interviews with Katie, Leno, Jimmy, E, and ET to talk about how much she suffered because Eddie picked his wife and kids over her, and constantly taking digs at Brandi on twitter and her website.

    Leann’s newest tactic against Brandi’s book because tweeting all day long that Brandi is lying wasn’t working… Leann told US Weekly that Brandi cheated on Eddie 9 times while they were married. How come we are just now hearing about this? Leann blamed her own parents for her affair with Eddie, so if she knew that Brandi had cheated on Eddie she would have taken this to the press a long time ago. Which means that people want to hear what Brandi is saying.

  • I feel bad for the 2 kids who will have to read their mom’s low-life book in all the excrutiating detail. Then, they’ll have to take endless crap from other kids. Both of these trashy chicks are prideless door-mats.

  • WTF is going on in the photo above?! They look quite friendly…even if they are just tolerating each other. Me thinks they at one time boned Eddie TOGETHER. Think about it…swingers, dude…

  • LeeAnn Rhimes is the typical sanctimonious Republican christian. No morals, all talk about morals.