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Paris Hilton Still Exists; Proposed To Boyfriend

paris hilton 21 year old boyfriend fiance river viiperi

Paris Hilton used to be a great annoyance to humanity and then mericifully, she was gone. But thanks for the memories. However I’m writing about her now because she did something most women don’t do: she was the one who proposed in her relationship. That’s an unusual thing to do, at least here in the USA. It takes a lot of bravery for a woman to do that, and a really chill dude not to feel emasculated by that. So, okay, good job there taking control and not being afraid, Paris. Sure, they’ve only known each other a few months. And sure, he’s a decade younger. But in NO WAY would she EVER do something like this for publicity. She has WAY TOO MUCH integrity for that. It’s not like she’s doing this because all of her friends have busy lives and careers and families of their own and she feels sad and needs attention. She WOULD NEVER marry someone just because she didn’t want to be left out.

The dude in question is Spanish model River Viiperi. GOOD NEWS THOUGH: although he’s young, he’s old enough to drink (in America)! Barely (He’s 21.)

According to someone probably SUPER NEAR AND DEAR to Paris and NOT her assitant,

He’s given her an enthusiastic yes [to her proposal], but they’re keeping the engagement quiet for now. Paris can see he’s a good influence. He’s very easygoing and knows how to calm her down when something annoys her. […] Paris believes River is the one.

The one what?


Via Showbizspy.

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  • He’s the one she wants to give herpes to for the rest of her life. Who wants to bet that Aunt Kyle is the one who leaked this info?

    I have to give her credit for self-promoting, she sure carries the hell out of her cheap, ugly handbags.

  • A “royal” always has to be the one to propose. I wonder if she has eough brain cells to get a pre-nup?

  • Guess the Spanish model is brain-dead or has not realized the extent of her idiotic past behavior. Hopefully someone whispers in his ear to run for the hills (presumably with appropriate parting gifts from her cash stash).

    She’s the original Kim Kardashian with about the same level of talent and stupidity.

  • guys im betting that the whole relationship is a hoax & a fake.. he could do better than that unless he is an idiot..

  • I also red once that Paris was planning to have kids with River, and i was like “Yeah right, it’s too late honey, you should’ve thought that before your menopause”

    Besides, river is too good for her. The old hag is too ugly for him. And he’s either using Paris for publicity, blind, or plain stupid.