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Amanda Bynes Continues To Be Weird

amanda bynes twitter self portrait

I’m really loving Amanda Bynes ever since she stepped through the looking glass into bizarro world. No, I don’t condone her hitting and running or calling Jay-Z ugly on Twitter. And lord knows I’m not opposed to smoking weed, but you shouldn’t be a dick about it and violate the terms of your lease and make the hallway reek of pot. But latest reports have me lolling and not hating, because dear girl, I kind of get it. You’re stressed out and you just don’t care anymore. Which would explain why you left your apartment door open all the time. And replaced all of your lightbulbs with red ones. But this is my favorite.

From Radar Online according to a former neighbor,

Amanda went down to the apartment lobby ‘at 2 a.m. one morning, laughing hysterically for four minutes’ and then ‘went back to her apartment.’

I do that regularly. I love this imagine of Amanda Bynes getting into en elevator, pressing L, exiting the elevator, walking into the lobby, standing there, laughing, stopping, turning around, and getting back into the elevator. Aaaaand scene! This neighbor is making sound like Ms. Bynes is turning into the Joker. Maybe she was doing it to troll everybody. Maybe she did that thing where you’re just hanging out and you remember something hilarious and you laugh out loud and there’s no covering it.

Or maybe some men just want to watch the world burn. A joint.

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