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Lindsay Lohan’s Parents Are Each Writing Memoirs

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Image via NY Daily News

Lindsay Lohan’s parents have to be competing in some sort of “worst parent ever” contest. Mother Dina is working on a memoir that reveals how awful her husband, Michael Lohan/Lindsay’s father is. And Michael is writing a memoir about how awful Dina is. And Lindsay is stuck in the middle getting Botox.

Though it seemed like Dina told all when she appeared in a, shall we say, unfocused state on Dr. Phil’s show in September of 2012, she apparently has more to tell. She’s accused her ex husband of physical, mental and sexual abuse. Michael is saying that Dina is lying, and he’ll be sure to tell us all about it in his book tentatively titled, I Am Not Daddy Dearest…If I Can Turn It All Around, So Can You!. Brought to you by The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too. Seriously though, that really is the title of the book. I can only assume Dina’s will be titled Life Struggles with Dina “I’m Not A Regular Mom I’m A Cool Mom” Lohan.

This has to be embarrassing for Lindsay, but then again, if Lindsay isn’t going to do any work on paying off her insane debts, somebody’s got to make money somehow. Ha, just kidding, these books aren’t going to sell.

Do you think either book is going to be popular? Is there anything they could say that we don’t know already? And how do you feel about Lindsay stuck in all of this?

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  • The only thing I have to say is everyone wonders why this poor girl is so fucked up in the head :( can’t someone on her behalf like a judge get a restraining order against her parents and try and keep them far away from her so she can try and get her life together !!!! She is never gonna gonna get it together when she has those two dragging her down !!!!! They will try and write a follow up book when she dies of an over dose they will drain that poor girl of everything including her life :( it really sad :(

  • Two words for these two trolls and the whole Lohan clan: WHO CARES?! Every time a picture of any of them pops up the Evil One feels dirty…

  • You know that they’ve wrung every last red cent out of Lindsay when her parents are themselves actually resorting to “work” (in whatever limited capacity). Apparently, the server that was at Dina’s house the other day on behalf of Capital One was serving pre-foreclosure paperwork.

    • You’re right. They are co-dependent emotional and financial parasites. It must be difficult to be Lindsay. The whole family is nuts. Even Ali looks sooooo spooky and unhealthy. Omg.

  • Can’t wait for these two books to come out so I can NOT buy them and NOT read them. I wouldn’t spend a penny to support any of the Lohan clan including Lindsay what a f##kin train wreck. # zero sympathy

  • its so sad that she will be gone soon. too young :( this poor girl will never hit her bottom and recover with parents like this.