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Anna Kendrick Saves the Day

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I had a mild panic attack this afternoon because for a short moment I though I won’t be able to make my deadline.  The thing is, nothing in the newsreel seems quite buzzworthy enough, and yet another report on celebrity sightings at the Super Bowl would have been an underwhelming way to close up for the day.

Then there’s Rihanna’s photo shoot with Terry Richardson, but you guys already had your dose of hipster sluttiness earlier, so that fell through as well.  To add insult to injury – pun totally intended – my son decided to climb the furniture again (oblivious to the fact that he is only nine months old and can’t actually climb), banged his face into a sharp table corner, and cried his head off.  And that didn’t help me find inspiration either.

Thankfully, it’s always a good time to talk about Anna Kendrick, especially since she’s such a treat.  Kendrick strikes me as being a rare kind of very smart, very talented actress, and gosh, she’s always so preppy!  Bonus: she has kissed Jake Gyllenhaal.  I like that idea, kissing Jake Gyllenhaal.

So in the midst of my motherhood/creative shambles, I give you Anna Kendrick’s latest brilliant tweets:

Watching a documentary about Meth. “If you can bake cookies, you can make meth.” Well great, now I want cookies and meth.

So far in my life my kissing has been described as “efficient” & “tidy.” I don’t think they were meant 2 b compliments.

Seriously Fanning sisters?? Only the offspring of a unicorn and a mermaid could be that pretty. Has anyone actually SEEN their parents?

Some days I wish I could wear a sign around my neck: “Look, I’m a pretty sensitive person; can everybody just be cool?”

There you go, guys.  Now I want to write about Jake Gyllenhaal AND kiss him.  Well, there’s always tomorrow… See you then!

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