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Rihanna Embraces Her Bad Role Model Title

Rihanna smoked away all the f-cks she had left to give a long while ago, so it should be no surprise that she couldn’t care less whether anyone thinks she’s a bad role model. I sort of love Rihanna’s buck wild spirit (and definitely love her music, and not even ironically) but even I have to admit that I wouldn’t want my kids – if I had any – looking up to her. She defends her decision to reunite with her abuser, can’t seem to keep her clothes on and spends most of her time Instagramming photos of herself rolling and smoking weed. On the flip side, she works damn hard, and luckily I’m a balanced adult who can separate entertainment from idiocy.

Either way, the point is that Rihanna doesn’t give a shit whether you or I approve of her lifestyle at all, and what better way for her to send that message than to post a badly Photoshopped self-portrait on Instagram?

Well, okay, but to be fair, I don’t think anyone is surprised so much as, well, kinda non-plussed about the perpetual nonsense that comes out of your mouth/keyboard. Anyway, I’m off to listen to ‘Rude Boy’.

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  • ITA! I think Rihanna is so vulgar but entertaining. She has some good songs and she can look amazingly beautiful when she isnt 3/4 naked. Celebrities should never be role models.

  • Who would want her as a role model in the first place? From the looks of things, Whitney Houston is apparently going to be Rihanna’s role model…hook up with a talentless thug and wind up drowned in a bathtub, from drugs or a beating.

  • Will I get a comment whoopin’ if I declare this broad the true definition of a cum dumpster? Aw fuck it…

  • You see, the problem is we (society) put celebrities as role models, when they are not role models. Women who should be role models: Michelle Obama, Marie Curie, any female astronaut, Coco Chanel, Hillary Clinton, Frida Kahlo, bell hooks. Whether you agree or not with their political ideas, these women who have worked immensely hard, who were/are extremely driven, and have really changed the world or at least the disciplines they worked in. Those are the ones we should strive to turn into role models.

  • Frida Kahlo was an AMAZING artist, but she was an alcoholic in a dysfunctional relationship to boot. So you could make the same argument with her, she shouldn’t be a role model, etc (though she is one of the people I personally look up to).