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Michelle Williams Is Flawless, The End

Michelle Williams is so underrated it’s not even funny. Forget Dawson’s Creek – let’s get more current: Brokeback Mountain, anyone? My Week With Marilyn? Blue Valentine? I mean, come on. She’s constantly taking part in projects that are gritty, intense and downright good. She’s one of the best actresses working in the industry at the moment and I just think she’s great. That’s pretty much it.

Michelle is sharing the cover of InStyle’s March issue with Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz (via fashionscansdaily – click through for all the pics), who are both great in their own rights, but aren’t the focus of this post. The ladies do have one big thing in common, however: they’re all starring in the much-anticipated upcoming film Oz, The Great and Powerful, which is most likely going to be really, really good.


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  • I love Michelle. She is so pretty and sweet and talented and perfect. I think Anne Hathaway is trying to come off as this but she is failing because she isn’t really a nice person and she isnt really that talented.

  • I have been conscious of her for several years now, am slow to memorize names of celebrities. In my experience, the beauty of celebrities often falls apart a little (or a lot) with successive looks at them as they wear different clothes, hairstyles, etc. With Michelle for me it has been different – with successive looks it becomes more and more apparent how truly beautiful she is. I already love her to pieces… -Becoming really nuts about her and I don’t even know much about her personality yet.

  • While looking for pictures of her I visited this website because it said “Michelle Williams is Flawless” and I like to hear people saying that.