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Nina Dobrev, Anyone?

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Those of you who find enjoyable the concept of undead creatures sinking their canine teeth into your jugular, might be familiar with Nina Dobrev from her work in the CW Network show The Vampire Diaries .  You might have also seen her in small parts in Chloe and the more recent The Perks of Being a Wallflower , but we haven’t yet had the pleasure of properly talking about her here at Evil Beet.

And understandably so – Dobrev is rubbing shoulders with various A-listers at the red carpet, but her breakthrough role in serious cinema is (hopefully) still to come about.  The reason I am talking about Nina Dobrev today is because she happens to be the one of the very few celebrities who were born in Bulgaria.  Do you know who else is Bulgarian?  I am!

Bulgaria is a Balkan country with a population smaller than that of New York City, so you can understand my sense of pride that at least one of my fellow people has made it in Hollywood.  Dobrev was only two years old when her parents left the old country for a better life in Canada, and she was lucky enough to be spared the craziness that ensued upon the shift from Communism to Democracy in the whole of Eastern Europe, and good for her.  Meanwhile, she kept busy doing rhythmic gymnastic in high school, shooting commercials, and auditioning for roles in television.  In 2009 Dobrev secured a leading role in The Vampire Diaries, in which she’s stuck starring currently.

Also, that dress.  I am most definitely loving that dress.  Unfortunately, however, being born in Bulgaria is the only thing Nina and I seem to share, because I am sure this dress (if I could afford it) would look horrifying on me.  I have just too much…hips for it.

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  • And who could forget her as Mia the snooty cheerleader/model on Degrassi.

    For the longest time I thought her and fellow Canadian Emmanuelle Chriqui were the same person.

  • I tried wtching VD but couldn’t make it through half of the first episode. Bulgaria is awesome though, love going there.

    • If you can get passed the first few episodes, it is a really entertaining show with lots of cliffhangers and decent acting.

      I tried to get passed the pilot 3 times before my friend just sat me down and made me watch it. It’s that opening monologue that is sooo cheesy that makes it super hard to get through. And the crow and fog. Those leave in no time.

  • haha i’ve been checking up on this site for years now and i’ve never commented but this was too surprising not to. cheers, fellow bulgarian :) and good luck on evilbeet!