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First Look: Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump

photo of kim kardashian baby bump pictures, photos
There it is, guys. There it is. And in case there was any question about the validity of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy a la Beyonce, you’ve got nothing to fear: Kim Kardashian‘s bumpy, lumpy baby hump looks completely legitimate.

Kanye must be so, so proud.

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  • Yes. Because knocking someone up is a great achievement for a man. Just like owning a Coach bag is for some women. Blech.

  • Wonder if they’ll sell the fat that Kim will have sucked out of her after she fails to lose any of the 70 lbs she’ll put on from her pregnancy?

  • Amazing what she looks like without her Spanx and push-ups and padding. Yikes.

    Feeling pretty good about myself over here :D

    • I was thinking the same thing! Well more so that she’s probably like “I don’t need to suck in my gut anymore or raise my arms to make myself look thinner!”

  • Lord have mercy, this is going to get gruesome before all is said and done. Jessica Simpson might actually have some competition in the “Whorifing Pregnant Woman” contest.