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Chris Brown Has A Cast on His Punchin’ Hand

A photo of Chris Brown

Poor, poor Chris Brown. We all know that he didn’t do anything wrong concerning his fight with Frank Ocean, and now look at this! This poor man has a cast on his right hand. What sort of monster is Frank Ocean anyway? What did he do to Chris’ hand? He probably stomped on it, huh? Or maybe he had a hammer in his pocket, just for occasions like this. You never know when a kind, gentle soul like Chris is going to come along and need some bones broken.

Oh, wait, is that the hand Chris punches with? He’s right-handed, so I’m pretty sure it is. Is it possible that he got this injury by hitting someone?

Nah. Nah, guys. Remember, this is the same injury that Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry‘s man, had after he got so brutally assaulted by Gabriel Aubry. This just looks like the universal injuries of poor angel victims who never do anything wrong ever. SO SAD.

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  • He needs to be more careful because he needs that hand to keep Rihanna in line !!!! Normally this is where I would say sorry for my poor choice of words but its true Rihanna just worships him and loves him !!!! I don’t get it but I believe she is just as sick as him so they make a great couple !!! They should just stay together because they aren’t gonna find two other people who are gonna put up with their shit at least not for long !!!! Maybe we will see wedding bells for them soon !!!! I would never wish a girl to be hit but its hard to have sympathy for someone who goes back !!!! Now guys aren’t safe either even if he didn’t provoke the fight is anyone grown up enough to just walk away ? No the answer is who can act like the bigger thug !!!! While at least maybe Rihanna face will get a break for awhile since he has a cast on it !